We always welcome contributors to 55mm. You can contribute in the form of photos or written content.



Thanks for considering contributing to 55mm. When you are submitting your photos, please keep the following criteria in mind.


  • Visually appealing
  • Must be at least 2000px wide
  • All photos must be in good quality (not blurry or pixelated)
  • Mobile photos are also accepted
  • All photos will be licensed under CC0
  • Contributor must own the rights to the photo

We’ll review your photo and if it meets the criteria stated above, we’ll be happy to publish your photo(s).



Our target audience are beginner and the intermediate photographers. If you you can provide comprehensive and actionable information from a beginners perspective, your articles will be published on our blog page called Raw.


  • Beginner photographer must be able to understand the content easily
  • There is no minimum or maximum number of words
  • All articles must contain actionable items
  • Images accompanying the article must have a minimum width of 1600px
  • Images must belong to the author or must allow for commercial publishing
  • You cannot republish the article once it’s published on 55mm

Here are some suggestions for topics that can be covered:

  • How to tutorials (e.g. DIY product photography)
  • Creating your own presets
  • Tips for improving your photography
  • Mobile photography
  • Product reviews



Use the contact form below to submit your content to us. We’ll get back to you soon as possible and let you know whether your submission was accepted.